The “b” behind bnb


Why the name Saus

We believe we have come up with a new genre of sauce. This Sauce is all natural ingredients and is a marinade, dipping sauce, grill sauce, and can be used on a wide variety of dishes. It’s not only made for dinner but for lunch and breakfast. Give us a try and I promise you will have tasted anything like our “SAUS”.


Chef B

Chef “B”, also known as Brandon Wright. Brandon’s grandfather, Leroy Wright, cooked for President Eisenhower and President Ford. I guess you can say cooking and making food runs in his blood. He is the originator of the Saus. He looks to continue to ship his creation all over the world and make it a dent in the Sauce world. He is married with one child and lives in Jacksonville, Florida.

BNBSaus Logos_Primary Logo - Black_large.jpg

The Look of Bnb

Our mark was developed & designed by Rachel Reitz. Not only is it an open design but we wanted it to represent we embody. The crisp, creative, and bold taste of BnB Gourmet and Grill Saus is unique and satisfying. We look forward to making BnB Gourmet and Grill Saus a well known name all over this Earth. We thank you in advance for giving us a try.