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Sauce has a NEW NAME: A sauce so extraordinary that it needed a new category, aptly named SAUS. Our ingredients are all-natural and gluten free. Try our versatile saus born in our backyard, now available for yours.

The Original Saus

The Original Saus

BnB Original Saus

Just enough heat. Just enough sweet. The Original Saus can be used on an array of meats including chicken, steak, burgers, brats, and even seafood. This versatile saus is also good for dipping vegetables, french fries, and more...  It can be used as a marinade, dipping saus, or condiment.  

BnB Spicy Saus

Little more heat. A little less sweet. This unique saus has the bite of cayenne pepper, chili powder, peppers, and the right amount of fire to spice up your food and your mouth. Enjoy this delicious saus on burgers, beef or pork ribs, chicken, lamb, steak, or fresh veggies. Make sure you have a glass of water or cold beer next your meal because you will need it.

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BnB Sweet Saus

A little less heat. A lot more sweet. This unique saus has the sweet savory flavors of organic honey, molasses, and just the right mix of spices. You can sit back and enjoy this saus on veggies, burgers, chicken, or even dip for french fries. It also pairs well with a nice glass of sweet white wine on a summer day.